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Friday, February 21, 2020


All evangelistic action is ban in Nepal

All evangelistic action is ban in Nepal

All evangelistic action is ban in Nepal. The Christian Church in Nepal is facing increasing persecution as the government continues their crackdown on religious freedom. Evangelism of any kind was recently banned under the country’s new constitution. All evangelistic action is precluded under another Nepalese Constitution that came into power in September 2015. Article 31(3)

China's rising part on the planet and the ascent of Christianity,

China’s rising part on the planet and the ascent of Christianity,

China’s rising part on the planet and the ascent of Christianity, China draws feedback for sentencing in very suspect trials two house church pioneers and two different activists kept from a year ago’s across the country political crackdown. The United States and a few human rights advocates impacted China for indicting house church pioneers Hu

Muslim Extremists Chop off Christian Man’s Arms

A Christian man in Lahore, Pakistan had both of his arms cleaved off after he declined to deny the name of Jesus Christ and proselyte to Islam. While Masih has subsequent to made lawful move against the culprits of this wrongdoing, Pakistani police have provided a reason to feel ambiguous about the believability of his

Iranian Police Arrested Three Azeri Christians

The spouses of these Azeri Christian men have not possessed the capacity to get in touch with them since their capture. One and only of the three men has been permitted to make two short telephone calls to his better half in Azerbaijan, amid which he said, “Every one of the three of us are

Christians Population Grows in Myanmar

The Christian population of the Buddhist nation Myanmar has expanded by about 33% in three decades, new figures uncover. Christianity is the second biggest religion in Myanmar. About nine in ten individuals are Buddhist. There was additionally a little increment in the quantities of Hindus and a fall in agnostics and Muslims in spite of

Iran : Continue to Face persecution to Iranian Pastors

As of late, three ministers from Azerbaijan were captured after they went by Iran. The Iranian government appears to target Christians for no obvious reason which has brought about Christian families to be afraid for their security.

Three Christians captured for having religious materials

Local police kept three Christians in China’s southern Guangdong territory on May 30 for getting different religious materials, including a Book of scriptures. The three captures were a piece of the progressing badgering of the individuals from the Zhongfu Tongxin Church. The provocation started last August after the assembly declined to join the legislature endorsed

armenian genocide

Armenian Genocide what is?

Armenian Genocide what is? White house officially decided and President Obama will not use the word “genocide” to describe the killings of more than 1 million Armenians at the hands of Ottoman Turks when he commemorates the deaths Friday, the 100th anniversary of the massacres. So what is the Armenian Genocide? Armenian Genocide means on

Pakistan Boy Burned

Christian Pakistani boy is burned to death by Islamist.

Christian Pakistani boy is burned to death by Islamist. A Christian boy from Pakistan they was put on fire by young Muslims after he professed his faith in Jesus Christ has died of his injuries, local people told about this situation on Wednesday, April 15. Pakistani Christian boy name Nauman Masih, He is 13 years

Lahore : Taliban suicide attack to Roman Catholic Church

LAHORE: Twin blasts rocked the Roman Catholic Church and Christ Church in Lahore’s Youhanabad area. Both churches have high attendance on Sundays on account of mass. At least 50 people were reportedly hurt in the explosions at the Catholic church and Christ Church in the city’s Youhanabad area. Local media say the death toll has

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