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Sunday, May 19, 2019


Arson attack at Bible Correspondence School in Turkey

An electrical fire that broke out in Istanbul’s Bible Correspondence School on 7 December is thought to have been the result of an arson attack, after security camera evidence showed a man leaving the building just after the fire started. Almost half of the depot’s 40,000 books have been destroyed.   Arson attack at Bible Correspondence

No Justice for Turkey’s Christian Martyrs?

Seven years have passed since the horrific deaths of Turkish Christians Necati Aydin, 35, and Ugur Yuksel, 32, and German Christian Tilmann Geske 46. There is still no justice for the families of the three men who were tortured and killed at the Malatya, Turkey offices of Zirve Christian Publishing. And now, thanks to changes

Turkey: Anti-New Year’s celebration

In the Ottoman Empire, the Janissaries were an elite military group made up of men who had as children been taken forcibly from their Christian families and converted to Islam. The Janissaries were often used against their own ancestral people — for jihad attacks against Christian areas. Here, they have become a symbol of rapidly

Albanian Muslims Sells Christian Organs to Turkey

Albanian Muslims in Kosovo are capturing Christians, dissecting them alive, tearing out their organs, then selling the organs to Saudi Arabia and Turkey. We learned this from a local Serbian Christian and veteran Special Forces officer in Serbia’s military, named Lazar. The victims are mostly “Christians serbs, young women, men, and also children.

Sweden : 77% percent of the Rapes Committed by Muslims?

What country has the highest number of rapes in the world?   After thinking over the question for five minutes, you might come up with South Africa or some other third world country as your answer. However, the real answer might shock you.   The title sadly goes to Sweden, which now sees one out

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