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Wednesday, January 22, 2020


Female Christian Prisoner Ended Her Hunger Strike

A Christian Female detainee has finished her hunger strike

A Christian Female detainee has finished her hunger strike A Christian detainee in Iran, name Maryam Naghash Zargaran, has finished her yearning strike that went on for more than three weeks. Zargaran is serving four years in jail for her confidence and service in the Islamic country. She experiences different medicinal conditions and has not

ISIS is training 1,400 Yazidi children to conduct suicide attacks.

ISIS is training 1,400 Yazidi children to conduct suicide attacks. ISIS is training 1,400 Yazidi children who have been displaced from their hometowns in Sanjar and Bashiqa suffer mental and other diseases. ISIS has kidnapped 3,770 Yazidis after 2,640 of the stole populace were reclaimed from the terrorist bunch in the previous two years. As

Christian leader escapes suicide bomb assassination in Syria

After attack Patriarch Ignatius Aphrem II, together with accompanying senior leaders of the Syriac Orthodox Church, survived an assassination attempt on Sunday morning during Pentecost liturgy at the Church of St. Gabriel in Qamishli, Syria. While the patriarch escaped death, current reports indicate that several others were killed and wounded. The attack took place during

Arson attack at Bible Correspondence School in Turkey

An electrical fire that broke out in Istanbul’s Bible Correspondence School on 7 December is thought to have been the result of an arson attack, after security camera evidence showed a man leaving the building just after the fire started. Almost half of the depot’s 40,000 books have been destroyed.   Arson attack at Bible Correspondence

95 people flee from ISIS prison in northern including christians

Dozens of people have reportedly fled a prison run by the Takfiri ISIL terrorist group in Syria’s northern province of Aleppo. The so-called Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said Tuesday that the prison break, which involved more than 95 people, took place in the town of al-Bab near the Syrian border with Turkey. The ISIS

Assyrian Christians Kidnapped

Just weeks after the Islamic State kidnapped 220 Assyrian Christians from Northeast Syria we are now receiving reports that ISIS has once again targeted Assyrian Christian villages in northeastern Syria in a series of brutal attacks on Saturday, causing clashes with Kurdish militia in the area. Most of the fighting occurred on the northern banks

No Justice for Turkey’s Christian Martyrs?

Seven years have passed since the horrific deaths of Turkish Christians Necati Aydin, 35, and Ugur Yuksel, 32, and German Christian Tilmann Geske 46. There is still no justice for the families of the three men who were tortured and killed at the Malatya, Turkey offices of Zirve Christian Publishing. And now, thanks to changes

Islamic State attacks Christian Assyrian in Syria

Islamic State militants attacked a string of predominantly Christian villages in northeastern Syria on Saturday The Assyrians are an indigenous Christian people who trace their roots back to ancient Mesopotamia

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