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Friday, March 22, 2019

Christian Pakistani boy is burned to death by Islamist.

Christian Pakistani boy is burned to death by Islamist. A Christian boy from Pakistan they was put on fire by young Muslims after he professed his faith in Jesus Christ has died of his injuries, local people told about this situation on Wednesday, April 15.
Pakistani Christian boy name Nauman Masih, He is 13 years old, He was attacked on Friday, in Lahore behind market area, while he went to a conversation about Christianity with two men who had been on a motorbike, whose faces were covered.

“They poured kerosene oil on him and set him on fire,” said Sardar Mushtaq Gill, director of of advocacy group Legal Evangelical Association Development (LEAD).

The boy reportedly collapsed and fell to the ground before onlookers called emergency services and he was rushed to hospital. Police said in separate remarks that the attack happened when he came out of a shop where he used to work.

Nauman sustained burns up to 55 percent of his body and died overnight in Lahore’s Mayo Hospital, said several Christians involved in the case. His funeral was held several hours later in Lahore, Wednesday, April 15, confirmed Christian charity Centre for Legal Aid, Assistance and Settlement (CLAAS).

They say that there is a dispute with his uncle from maternal side family because Nouman’s father died two or three years before and his mother got married with someone other. But now, Pakistani media is saying that it might be his uncle set him on fire, which is totally false and wrong,” Gill asserted. “Why would his uncle, who is his guardian, who look after his two children do something?”
“This latest tragic murder of an innocent teenager adds to the sense of fear that Christians feel in Pakistan, and comes soon after the community was shaken by two recent church bombings,”.

Tuesday that at least 111 Christian men and boys have been arrested following the lynching of two Muslim men, who are thought to have been involved in the Lahor church bombings.

Pakistan’s government has to be more careful and pay attention and do all that it can to ensure the safety of its minorities and to assure Christians of protection,”

The Prime Minister of Punjab, called for those responsible to be arrested. The Director of “Peace Center” concludes: “I would say that today we are in the worst period in history for the life of Christians in Pakistan. Discrimination, suffering, oppression often become real persecution. Today we ask the government: where is justice? Where are the perpetrators of many incidents of gratuitous violence committed against Christians?”.

Christians have been torched before elsewhere as well: Last year in November angry Muslims burned to death a married Christian couple in an industrial kiln in Pakistan for allegedly setting fire to several verses of the Koran. Shahbaz Maseeh, 26, and his pregnant wife Shama Bibi, 24, were attacked by colleagues at the brick factory where they worked in Punjab province.

The couple had planned to flee with their three young children, according to Christians.

That incident in Kot Radha Kishan town, some 64 kilometers (40 miles) southwest of Punjab’s Lahore city, happened after a factory manager claimed to have seen half torched Koranic pages between a heap of garbage, though Christian rights activists claimed they were targeted for their faith.



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