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Friday, February 21, 2020

Church demolitions in Cuba

Church demolitions in Cuba have expanded over the principal half of 2016 on account of a progressing government crackdown which is likewise bringing about the reallocation of Assemblies of God places of worship,

Recently churches demolished in Cuba and pastors arrested in the Lakes crackdown in Cuba. This took place when last week July January 8 2016, Bokutei’s churches apostolic movement of Jesus Christ it was unregistered by the Cuban government. It was ordered to be destroyed and without warning on January 8 of this year just after 4 AM predawn raid by police and state security agents broke down the door Hancock Robert Bernardo de José Sullivan and his wife and taking them to choose purposes while demolition took place in his wife was released around 1 p.m that day while reverend solomon was dropped off by the states security around 3 PM after the church have been completely destroyed their son was also handcuffed and held in the house during the demolishing sheen of open air structure of the church however this time number of other church leaders in Cuba were also detained or confined their homes state security agents presumably to stop them from going there and supporting the churches that are being demolished models focus is a well organized attack by the communist regime in Cuba they went around surrounding pastors when in with armed guards and detained them in their own homes work at 4 AM arrested the pastor and his wife took into separate prisons and Handcuffed in the House While he field a destroyed the to different churches completely demolishing them. Church leaders in Cuba have pointed to worry and context Of this latest demolitions it’s been going on last year two thousand churches were declared illegal and so far over 100 of them have been demolished

Between January and July 2016 there was a continuation of serious violations of freedom of religion or belief (FoRB) in Cuba, affecting a wide cross section of Christian groups. The month of June saw the highest number of cases, indicating a continued deterioration in respect for FoRB. Over the six-month period, CSW recorded 1,606 separate religious freedom violations; many cases involved large numbers of victims.

The violations documented include:

• Demolition and confiscation of church buildings

• Destruction of church property

• Arbitrary detention

• Other forms of harassment, particularly the confiscation and seizure of personal belongings of religious leaders

• Over 1,000 Protestant churches are still under threat of confiscation and have not had their ‘illegal’ status overturned. Please Read More about brifing

The first half of 2016 has seen church demolitions in Cuba gather pace as the government crackdown on freedom of religion or belief.

Church demolitions in Cuba are yet another obstruction for Christians living in a Communist nation where gatherings are as of now illegal from evangelizing, broadcasting over the aviation routes or running their own schools.

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