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Sunday, May 19, 2019

France: ISIS Member Savagely Beheads Catholic Priest in His Own Church

Early today, July 26, two individuals from ISIS burst into a Catholic church in Normandy, taking a minister, two nuns and two parishioners prisoner. Father Jacques Hamel was decapitated in the congregation and one other prisoner is as of now in the healing center with lethal wounds.

Father Jacques Hamel was decapitated by two men with binds to ISIS.

aggressors, one of whom was wearing customary Islamic apparel, yelled “Allahu Akbar” as they fled from the congregation. The congregation in Holy person Etienna-du-Rouvray was one of numerous Catholic houses of worship that showed up on a fear “hit list” discovered last April. The congregation is right now being scanned for explosives.

The two blade men held the five prisoners for 60 minutes before they were gunned around police as they entered the

church’s patio. It is trusted that these two men entered the congregation through a back passage after 9 am, amid the morning administration. A third religious woman could escape and call for help. Shockingly, when hostile to terrorists officers were on scene, the two men had as of now opening the minister’s throat. The blade men were shot by police around 11 am, yet the name of the assailants has not been discharged the general population yet. One of the aggressors was a neighborhood occupant who had already been imprisoned in France for endeavoring to go to Syria in 2015 to join ISIS.

ISIS guaranteed obligation regarding the assault on its Aamaq news office, expressing that the cleric was executed by “two troopers of the Islamic State,” including that the assault was an immediate consequence of ISIS’s arrangements to target nations battling the fear association.

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