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Friday, February 21, 2020

Iranian Police Arrested Three Azeri Christians

The spouses of these Azeri Christian men have not possessed the capacity to get in touch with them since their capture. One and only of the three men has been permitted to make two short telephone calls to his better half in Azerbaijan, amid which he said, “Every one of the three of us are healthy and are held together in one spot.”

It is still not clear where these Christian men are being held and no Iranian authority has yet made any comments as to their capture.

Iranian Intelligence Police arrested three Christians from Baku, Azerbaijan, during their visit to a house church in Tehran. During their attack, they arrested one of the Iranian members of the house church as well.

Eldar Gurbanov, 48, Yusif Farhadov, 51, and Bahram Nasibov, 37 were arrested on 24 June at an engagement party in Tehran. No charges have been filed against them, nor have they been allowed access to a lawyer.

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