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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

ISIS is training 1,400 Yazidi children to conduct suicide attacks.

ISIS is training 1,400 Yazidi children to conduct suicide attacks.
ISIS is training 1,400 Yazidi children who have been displaced from their hometowns in Sanjar and Bashiqa suffer mental and other diseases.

ISIS has kidnapped 3,770 Yazidis after 2,640 of the stole populace were reclaimed from the terrorist bunch in the previous two years.

As IS supposedly mass murdered numerous Yazidi men and young men it went over after assuming control of their properties in the mid-year of 2014, Kuru clarified that upwards of 33 mass graves have been found close Sinjar and different ranges that have been freed from IS and upwards of 400,000 Iraqi Yazidis have been dislodged from their homes and towns in the most recent two years.

Yazidi population is
Iraq 650,000
Germany 100,000–120,000
Syria 70,000
Russia 40,586
Armenia 35,272
Georgia 18,329
Netherlands 10,000
Sweden 7,000

Same information about Yazidi people: Generally, the Yazidis lived fundamentally in groups in regions that are in present-day Iraq, Turkey, and Syria, furthermore had critical numbers in Armenia, Georgia, and Iran. Notwithstanding, occasions subsequent to the twentieth century have brought about impressive demographic movement in these ranges and mass displacement. Accordingly, populace assessments are hazy in numerous locales, and appraisals of the measure of the aggregate populace differ.

The main part of the Yazidi populace lives in Iraq, where they make up an essential minority group. Appraisals of the extent of these groups change essentially, somewhere around 70,000 and 500,000. They are especially gathered in northern Iraq in the Nineveh Province. The two greatest groups are in Shekhan, upper east of Mosul, and in Sinjar, at the Syrian outskirt 80 kilometers (50 mi) west of Mosul. In Shekhan is the place of worship of Sheik Adi ibn Musafir at Lalish. Amid the twentieth century, the Shekhan people group battled for predominance with the more moderate Sinjar people group. The demographic profile has most likely changed impressively since the start of the Iraq War in 2003 and the fall of Saddam Hussein’s administration.

Please watch documentary about Yazidi

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