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Sunday, April 21, 2019

Islamisation Program in West Papua

The stated purpose of this program was to reduce the considerable poverty and overpopulation on Java, to provide opportunities for hard-working poor people, and to provide a workforce to better utilize (pillage) the natural resources of the outer islands.

The program, however, has been controversial with critics accusing the Indonesian government of trying to use these migrants to reduce the proportion of native populations in receiving areas, thus weakening separatist movements. The program has often been cited as a major and ongoing factor in controversies and even conflict and violence between settlers and indigenous populations.

Since the 1990s, violent conflict has occurred between some trans-migrant (Muslim) and indigenous populations(non muslim); in Kalimantan, hundreds were killed in fighting between Madurese (muslim) trans-migrants and the indigenous Dayak people(non muslim).

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