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Wednesday, January 22, 2020

Muslim immigrants to Western Countries

“Do not let them live in your land or they will cause you to sin against me, because of the worship of their gods will certainly be a snare to you.” (Exodus 23:33).
The large number of Muslim immigrants has already impacted communities throughout America also Europe.

Since numerous years we see a consistent stream of Muslim vagrants from Muslim nations to Western nations, including the European Union, Australia and the United States. Muslim displaced people are attempting to achieve Europe and other Western nations. The issue of Muslim movement is commonly in the media. There is a weight on Western nations to welcome more Muslim vagrants and displaced people, in light of terrible human conditions in the Middle East (Syria, Iraq, IS). Is it true that this is proposal useful for Western nations with a Christian lion’s share and for Muslims?

Consider 2015 in Texas The Muslim migration notices offered by Dutch government official Geert Wilders—who was in the office in Garland, Texas, that was assaulted by psychological oppressors a weekend ago—appear to work out as expected.

Wilders, who has requested that his own parliament hold a show on the Muhammed toons from the Garland, Texas occasion, has cautioned every now and again that abnormal amounts of Muslim movement without absorption toward the Western world—Europe and the United States of America—are risky to the way of life and estimations of the West. We know many examples like that.

Friendliness is stand out side of the equalization about rules to migrants in the Bible. There are likewise rules in the Bible about good principles for living arrangement among the general population of a nation

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