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Wednesday, January 22, 2020


ACTS 3:19 Repent therefore, and be converted , that your sins may be blotted out, when the times of refreshing shall come form the presence of God.

Brothers and sisters in the lord, we sometimes if not all of us reach seasons in life when and where our Christian walk looks like its so dry. Dry here I mean when we have lost the joy of salvation as David did in, Psalms 51:12 and he had to cry to God to restore to him the joy of salvation. Christians get the strength to move on from the the Lord Himself. I mean when God is rejoicing over us and his joy is translated in us we have the strength to move on. The joy of the Lord is our strength.

At times we are so weary by things that weigh us down; burdens in life, sickness of our beloved ones or ourselves, wars for those who live in war-torn nations, and even death and other terrible things that happen to us like persecutions .This are bound to make us have very heavy hearts and even question our faith. It is good to remember as the bible says that many other Christians in the world are going through the same thing and therefore be encouraged that we are not alone.

Most importantly in today’s massage, I want to point out a fact that sometimes it may not be that we get weary and dry because of external factors as I pointed out earlier. At times this dry spell is usually caused by what comes from within ,we ourselves walking in a way that turns away the presence of God from us, walking in the flesh.

Peter here calls the Children of God to repent and turn from their sins. In short, sin causes us to run dry, and hence the need to repent get refreshment which only God can bring through The Holy Spirit and when we chose to walk in obedience to HIM
Being Refreshed means getting new power, new energy, revived,we become enthusiastic for God, new zeal and desired for God, closer relationship with him.

Peter speaking to a backslidden people, tells them to go back to their God.
Repent actually means going back to the right earlier state, a change in the mind.
Could we be in this state and need to turn? Am speaking to a man and a woman who once was there but lost it. The Lord is always gracious and willing to restore .

How do we get refreshed? By turning to the Lord and drawing from His river, his presence. He that believes in me, said Jesus, “out of him shall flow rivers of living water”. It is the will of God that life, His spirit continuously flows out of us, “WELLING” into eternal life. Our hearts are the wells that God would want to let his presence flow through , and hence make us refreshed, just as a long distance man in the desert would need cold water into himself to quench his thirst.

Proverbs 4:23 will tell us to guard this well with all diligence because it carries the source of life. God would desire to make his habitation here in our hearts, his presence which ultimately will cause us refreshed and have the strength to move on.

In Genessis 26:18 Isaac reopened the wells that the Philistines had filled with the Earth, the ones his father Abraham had dug . Our enemy will always want to fill our hearts{well} with things that turn the presence of God a way, fill our hearts with EARTH and make us dry. We like Isaac must always get rid of things that fill our hearts with what our Father never intended so that the well within us will continually have fresh water. BEING REFRESHED BY THE HOLY SPIRIT.

Pastor Mathews Jahonga

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