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Friday, March 22, 2019

Unsafe future for Turkey’s Christians

A Turkish court has freed five men accused of torturing and murdering three Christian missionaries in 2007, after the suspects’ time in detention while on trial exceeded new legal limits. This deciding brings  Unsafe future for Turkey’s Christians .

The recent eight anniversary of the torture and slaying of three men at a Turkish Christian publishing house  for which no one has ever been convicted  has raised questions about the future for Christianity within Turkey.

In 2007, Muslims in Turkey trapped three Evangelical Christians and tortured them for three hours. The savages filmed them as they were being disemboweled, dismembered, and stabbed hundreds of times. When the police arrived, their throats were cut. Two of them Turks and the third a German national – were tied to chairs then stabbed repeatedly at the Zirve publishing house in MalatyaThe assailants then slit the throats of Necati Aydın, Uğur Yüksel, and Tilmann Geske.

The killers revealed their motives, and they were completely Islamic:

We did it for our country. They are trying to take our country away, take our religion away.

Despite a flurry of investigative activity and even some arrests, no one has ever been convicted of the murders. Those arrested were later released.

We know that about churches in turkey from the Ottoman Empire time to modern Turkey seems no intolerance of churches.

Turkey is a NATO member since 1952 and reportedly a candidate for membership in the European Union, has largely succeeded in destroying the entire Christian cultural heritage of Asia Minor. Including Armenian, Pontian, Assyrian and others.

Ottoman Empire time Christian population were approximately %38 in Anatolia, but now remaining Christian population just %0,02 in modern Turkey after genocide survivors, are still exposed to discrimination.”

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